About Us

Who We Are?

Cygone Group Ltd is a multi-platform group of companies.

Our ranges of services include business consultancy and trading. We offer honest, cost-effective and quality service to our customers. Our strength is based on our dedication to customer care and first class service delivery in Building & Construction, Foods & Beverages, Transport & Logistic, Oil & Gas, Communication, Investment, Telecommunication, Property Management, Interior Design, Farming, Cosmetics, CCTV Security, Wholesale cash & Carry, Cars Sales, Education, Fragrance and Digital Communication. We remain the main distributor of high quality wholesale tested goods. The Group's main interest is clothing, grocery, footwear, cosmetics, hand bags, Fragrance, computers and Laptops, mobiles phones and others digital goods. We supply to both the public and the trade. Our success is defined by our ability to provide an ever changing range of unique and interesting products. We offer an exceptional value for money and the huge range of unusual and fast-selling quality products backed by our outstanding customer service and operation.

Our Mission

Cygone Group's mission is to provide the best products and business services in London, Western Africa and beyond. We remain the Main distributor of wholesale goods.

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Our Approach

We empower everyone to explore new ways of improving our services. Our people take responsibility for their decisions, making sure their actions are in best interests.

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Our Vision

Our business is all about building a strong relationship based on trust. So we speak honestly, act respectfully and communicate clearly among ourselves and with our customers

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Why Choose Us?

In collaboration with the customer, we work closely to understand precisely what is needed and provide a professional, transparent and tailored business solution. Encompassing a range of services solutions enable the customer to scale their services to meet their ever changing needs. Regardless of company size or industry, Cygone Group can help increase efficiency, reduce risk and liberate resources to improve core business areas.

Meeting your expectations isn’t enough. We aim to exceed them. Whatever the services we provide, we strive to set standards that others can only try to follow. If you are not completely satisfied with our range of products or services, please contact us within 24 hours and we will look after you.

To ensure our people get the most from working at Cygone Group and our customers enjoy quality services, we:

- Focus on health and safety

- Set development goals based on the needs of our customer

- Encourage individuals to act in our customers’ best interest

- Identify and nurture talent

- Celebrate and reward achievement

- Engage with employees through our people’s survey

At Cygone Group, we’re never satisfied with doing our best. When it comes to business consultancy and servicing, we are always striving to do better. This means that, as a client of ours, you will experience superior results, continually improving services, and an environment that promotes a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Our values are the foundation to everything we do. From how we work with our customers to the way we treat our people. Staying true to our values means more than doing our best for you. This means we always go the extra mile to reduce cost, improve results and make life easier.

From our Chairman

Cygone Group is a global business consultant and trading company. We offer services in IT, Digital Communication, National security system and Biometric, Internet connection, Software development, CCTV and surveillance, IT training, Web design, Telecommunication, Information system management, E-commerce, IT security, Digital marketing, Solar energy, Oil and gas, Insurance, Video development and interactive television, Agriculture and brewery. We are also engaged in the marketing and distribution of high quality products. Our vision is about building a strong business network and a strategic partnership based on trust. Our strength is based on our dedication to customer care and first class service delivery. We believe in Information Technology and Business innovation. We can help you for a personalised training programme for your IT employee to ensure that their skills stay current. Cygone Group is a good working environment free of slavery and harassment for all our employees. We believe in respect, inclusion and diversity. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Catherine Grace, Desire Djekou CEO


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